Roller body frames are made of wear-resistant polymer composition strengthened with reinforcing filler. Its composition and making rollers technology have been patented by us. The geometric dimensions correspond to GOST 22646-77 (State Standards). For particularly severe operating conditions, polyamide 6 is used as a polymer, which is characterized by very high resistance to wearing out, as well as high fatigue strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness.

The body frame is produced by heating the composition successively to its softening temperature, followed by shaping in a mold. With this method of production, the working surface of the roller and the landing holes for the bearings are formed simultaneously – through one pressing. As a result, their alignment is ensured. In combination with the damping properties of the polymer, it minimizes the dynamic load on the bearings and reduces the risk of accidental jamming of the rollers during operation.

The high stiffness of the body frame also serves this purpose thanks to preventing the occurrence of significant cyclic and alternating bending moments in its edge parts.

All rollers use bearings of increased reliability of the 180000 series. The hermetic design of the bearing units is provided by a two-pass labyrinth seal with a locking layer of grease lubricant. During the entire service life, they do not need maintenance, and there is no need to update the lubrication tab periodically. We provide a complete quality control of the rollers and give a guarantee for all products.

As agreed with the customer, we can produce rollers of non-standard geometric sizes, as well as rollers of several types: transport, drive, deflector, cushioning and conical.

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