Conveyer rollers

Conveyor rollers are one of the main structural elements of horizontal, inclined belt conveyors, due to which bulk and artificial loads are moved.

The development of production of high-strength and wear-resistant polymers has expanded the possibilities for optimal selection of the material of the roller housings, taking into account the specifics of their use. We offer conveyors: bearing and supporting rollers with polymer housings, which have a number of important advantages over any other on the market.

Advantages of conveyor rollers

Minimum air

Due to the minimal amount of air at work, dust does not get inside the roller, significantly increasing the service life


During the manufacture of the roller housings, due to the uniaxial molding, a high alignment of the roller bearing seats is ensured, which positively affects the further the service life of the product

Low thermal conductivity

The heat fluctuations that occur during operation of the conveyor and its stop do not significantly affect the copolymer rollers for the conveyor belt, which prevents condensation from falling out in the area of the bearing units

Never spell

During the operation of the copolymer rollers, no case of longitudinal sectioning of the conveyor belt was recorded when the roller support was tipped or the roller bearing was jammed

Material protection

The roller consists of polyamide and polyurethane, which minimizes the fact of theft to sell the metal

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